Fortnite: How to Complete Season 5 Week 9's Challenges

Fortnite: How to Complete Season 5 Week 9's Challenges

About a couple of days ago, a datamine leak correctly uncovered several of Fortnite Battle Royale’s Season 5 Week 9 challenges, but as can often be the case with forecasts of what’s to come, a handful of the predictions were somewhat off-base. Thankfully, though, Epic Games has now finally unveiled the official list of the Free Challenges and Battle Pass Challenges for Season 5 Week 9 of the wildly popular multiplayer sandbox survival title so that fans can start the grind for even more XP.

As seen in the image below, Fortnite‘s list of Season 5 Week 9 challenges brings three Hard tasks to the table, while the other four appear to be relatively undemanding by comparison, particularly the prompt to deal damage with Explosive Weapons to opponents. So, for those who need help completing each of the hybrid construction shooter’s new challenges, follow along and we will explain just how they can be finished.


Deal Damage with Explosive Weapons to Opponents (0/500)


Most avid Fortnite fans who dive into combat almost immediately will surely be able to tick this task off as complete within their first match. After all, the players who diligently search for supplies in Treasure Chests at the outset of a match often come across a few common grenades to work with.

So, the best strategy to finish this 500 XP challenge quickly is to start by heading into one of the areas on the map that usually winds up populated with lots of players. Tilted Towers and Lazy Links ought to be good spots. That said, though, try to be as stealthy as possible until acquiring an Explosive Weapon (grenades, rocket launchers, grenade launchers, etc.). After that, however, put everyone on the playing field in the cross hairs.

Get Trick Points in a Shopping Cart or ATK (0/150,000)


The best way to do this is to travel to any of the high peaks in Fortnite‘s map and ride a Shopping Cart all the way down the mountain. Try to go over the jumps, pull off some spins, and then hit a solid landing. After doing this for a few matches, players should be able to rack up plenty of Trick Points in no time.

As it so happens, lots of players have been pulling off tricks worth hundreds of thousands of points by using risky strategies like building a ramp to its max height and driving off, but playing it safe might be the best course of action to avoid getting eliminated. Of course, it may take some trial-and-error attempts for newbies, but with practice, it shouldn’t take long to hit the goal and complete this challenge.

Follow the Treasure Map Found in Shifty Shafts [HARD] (0/1)

This challenge might prove to be too difficult if Fortnite players decide to actually go to Shifty Shafts and look for the treasure map. With this being the case, the easiest way to handle this is to just head right to where the battle star spawns, which is on the mountain north of Salty Springs and southwest of Dusty Divot.

As many Fortnite fans will likely attest, the part of the mountain closest to Salty Springs is a prime spot for folks to land. So, players will need to keep their heads on a swivel, as this is definitely a high-traffic area.

Stage 1: Search a Chest in Haunted Hills (0/1)

The concept of a Stage 1 challenge has been something Epic has incorporated into the title for the past few weeks. The initial stage of this particular task ought to be quite simple, especially for those who decide to start by landing in Haunted Hills and heading straight for a Treasure Chest.

After completing Stage 1, Fortnite should prompt players to then head to Stage 2 to search another Treasure Chest, which is located in Shifty Shafts. Then, Stage 3 leads to Lazy Links, Stage 4 sends players back down the map to Tilted Towers, and the challenge ends at Stage 5, which is in Risky Reels.

Visit Different Stone Heads (0/7)

For those unaware, Fortnite‘s Stone Heads have been involved with previous weekly challenges. One of the more memorable challenges was the one that tasked players with finding where each head was looking.

This time around, though, all one has to do is simply show up to the locations of the Stone Heads to complete the challenge. With this being the case, players will find them at each spot listed below:

  • Southeast of Junk Junction
  • Northeast of Greasy Grove
  • West of Lucky Landing
  • Southeast of Shifty Shafts
  • Northwest of Dusty Divot
  • Northbound from Tomato Temple
  • East of Lonely Lodge

Assault Rifle Eliminations [HARD]  (0/5)


There’s no doubt that eliminating five different players with Fortnite‘s assault rifle will be a challenge to a lot of players, as this task will rely on skill. Of course, with a mixture of perseverance and a little luck, it can be done.

At the moment, one solid way to get eliminations fast is to play Fortnite‘s new The Getaway LTM, which is a heist-themed mode taking place during the game’s High Stakes event. The Getaway has players stealing a jewel from one of four different safes, and the area around each one typically hosts some epic shootouts. So, while this is a risky strategy, if one maintains their focus it should be a rewarding one, too.

Eliminate Opponents in Tomato Temple [HARD] (0/3)


Much like eliminating players with the Assault Rifle, taking out three different opponents in Tomato Temple could be taxing for a lot of players. Nevertheless, it’s best to tackle the challenge head on by dropping into the area formerly known as Tomato Town right when a match begins.

With Epic Games having recently added Tomato Temple into Fortnite‘s map, this spot will likely be crawling with players. So, dive into action as fast as possible in order to grab a weapon, and then hunt down some opponents.


All things considered, with Season 5 drawing to a close as Fortnite enters week 9 of 10, it means that players have just two weeks left to make it to Battle Pass Tier 100 and unlock the Norse-themed Ragnarok cosmetic. So, for those who have been lagging behind in XP, hopefully this guide helps push players even closer to the goal at hand.

Fortnite is available now in early access for Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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